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File Name:
Type: updater
Date: 2005/10/17
Language: english
Version: 1.2.3
Size: 44.36MB
Platform: Mac OSX

MachFive 1.2.3 Update

This is a maintenance update of MachFive 1.2.3. It provides Tiger OSX compatibility for all plug-in formats. However, this version is backward compatible to OSX 10.3.9. This version also adds support for publishing MOTU Symphonic Instrument (MSI) banks for use within MachFive. This update requires a previous full install and authorize of MachFive v.1.x.x.

Attention Logic users: MachFive 1.2.3 requires an update to Logic 7.1 for compatibility under Tiger OSX 10.4.x.

Unzip and double-click the installer. Follow on-screen instructions.

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