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The Traveler Goes Remote

The Traveler is now shipping and regular reports are coming in from delighted Traveler users about their successful remote recording adventures. In our first report, the Traveler has already proven that it's a significant leap forward from conventional field recording with a portable DAT recorder.

  • Published: 2005-02-14 00:40:00

DP, MachFive and MX4 Score the World's First Wireless Drama Series

The worldwide hit television series 24 expands into the wireless space with the first original dramatic series produced exclusively for next-generation mobile phones. 24: Conspiracy is a series of 24 sixty-second "mobisodes" that will be launched in January of 2005 exclusively on Vodafone in 23 countries in Europe, with eventual US distribution on Verizon Wireless.

Composer John Massari created an intense, dark, and suspenseful score for this innovative new series.

"DP, MachFive and MX4 are superb products," says Massari, "a real asset for any composer creating complex or simple orchestral textures."

  • Published: 2005-02-04 18:46:44

MX4 Version 2 unveiled at NAMM 2005

MX4, our unique multi-synth instrument, has quickly established itself as a synth plug-in worth adding to any desktop studio, whether you're just getting started or adding to a growing collection. And we've got great news for all MX4 users: Version 2 is packed with major new features and hundreds of new presets that instantly expand your sonic palette. Best of all, MX4 Version 2 will be a free upgrade to all MX4 users! It all starts with the pulsating, rhythmic textures of MX4 Version 2's new Pattern Gate...

  • Published: 2005-02-02 11:28:28

MachFive Version 2 Announced at NAMM 2005

MachFive, the first and only truly universal sampler instrument, is gearing up for a major upgrade. And best of all, if you purchase MachFive Version 1 now (or any time after January 20th, 2005), Version 2 will be free of charge. So if you're thinking about purchasing MachFive at your favorite MOTU reseller, there's never been a better time. Read on to see what's in store for you when Version 2 is released.

  • Published: 2005-02-01 10:12:40

DP 4.5 Wins Key Buy Award

The February 2005 issue of Keyboard Magazine has just hit the streets with an extensive review of DP 4.5, providing in-depth analysis of all the new features and overall commentary about DP's position in today's competitive audio sequencer marketplace. And the verdict? DP once again wins Keyboard's coveted Key Buy award as "...overall the most balanced DAW on the Mac."

  • Published: 2005-01-31 11:13:36