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On Tour with Madonna: Mike McKnight and MOTU

This year's Mega Summer Tour season is in full swing, and Madonna is on the road again to promote her most recent album release, "American Life". Like many top artists, Madonna mixes studio-produced tracks to support her highly choreographed live performances and the musicians on stage.

Mike McKnight produces those tracks, and makes sure they sound great at every show. In fact, Mike has programmed every major Madonna tour using a MOTU system driven by Digital Performer. We recently caught up with him during Madonna's Re-Invention tour, in an interview directly beneath the stage, to get the latest details about his setup.

  • Published: 2004-09-01 17:34:10

MachFive earns EQ Exceptional Quality award

"MachFive reads just about anything, works with just about anything, does surround and hi-res audio, has lots of extras, and is priced right. What's not to like?" EQ goes on to say "MachFive looks très cool" and "Given a fast computer, MachFive has a responsive feel." In regards to MachFive's industry-leading import capabilities: "UVI-Xtract is very effective. I used it for successful Akai, Creamware, SoundFont, SoundFont 2, and Giga sample CD conversions on both platforms. Given MachFive's ability to import just about anything, it's highly unlikely to wear out its welcome over time, and is adaptable to changes in musical genre and even platforms."

  • Published: 2004-09-01 16:31:04

MOTU receives three 2004 EM Editor's Choice Awards

"Finally, a new sampler that doesn't make your old libraries obsolete!" exclaim the editors of EM. "This universal sampler plug-in lets you import, audition, and load sound banks in a long list of sampler formats, including Akai, Roland, E-mu, Kurzweil, SampleCell, EXS4 and Giga. And that's not all: MachFive can also import samples in WAV, Acid, AIFF, SDI and REX formats." They go on to say: "Machfive strikes a welcome balance between simplicity and functionality." Even with its long list of high-end features, "MachFive never sacrifices its straightforward architecture and easy-to-use interface. Add to that its new direct-from-disk sample-streaming capability, and MachFive is unquestionably a winner."

  • Published: 2004-09-01 17:05:12