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Introducing the Stage-B16

MOTU is now shipping the Stage-B16, a flexible stage box, rack-mount mixer and audio interface with studio-quality analog performance up to 192 kHz, powerful DSP for mixing and effects processing, and connectivity to a digital snake, audio network or host computer through AVB Ethernet or class-compliant high-speed USB 2.0.

  • Published: 2015-09-09 14:19:50

MOTU and Windows 10

Are you thinking about upgrading to Windows® 10? Have you already made the jump? Current versions of all MOTU software products and hardware drivers available at motu.com/download (latest versions only) appear to be compatible with Windows 10, although final compatibility testing is still on-going. If you own a MOTU AVB interface and plan to use it with Windows 10, be sure to download and install the latest MOTU AVB Windows Installer.

  • Published: 2015-09-02 12:54:00

MOTU Artist Spotlight: Composer Richard Marvin and DP9

Richard Marvin has establish himself as one of the most in-demand composers for TV and film in Hollywood. Richard's career spans many genres, from feature films like U-571 (Matthew McConaughey), The Surrogates (Bruce Willis) and the 3 Ninjas franchise to some of network TV's most popular hit shows, including Grimm (NBC), Six Feet Under (HBO), In Treatment (HBO) and The O.C. (FOX). All told, Richard has composed for over 40 TV shows.

  • Published: 2015-08-18 16:00:43

Introducing Digital Performer 9

Digital Performer version 9 is now shipping and includes MOTU's powerful MX4™ MultiSynth, plus five new plug-ins, automation lanes and spectrogram display in the Sequence Editor, Retina display support, MusicXML notation export and other new features. There's something for everyone in this major upgrade.

  • Published: 2015-06-22 16:35:58

MOTU Releases The Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank

MOTU and the Bob Moog Foundation announce the release of the Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank, a new and exciting collection of instrument and percussion sounds produced in commemoration of Bob Moog's 81st Birthday, coming up on May 23rd. In a charitable effort to raise funds for the foundation, over 25 legendary synthesists and renowned sound designers donated original samples to assist with the creation of the sound library, which offers over 2 GB of material. The library is fully compatible with any host software on Mac or Windows, and all proceeds from the sale of the Encore Soundbank will benefit the Bob Moog Foundation.

  • Published: 2015-05-19 12:06:24