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DP, MachFive and MX4 Score the World's First Wireless Drama Series

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The worldwide hit television series 24 expands into the wireless space with the first original dramatic series produced exclusively for next-generation mobile phones. 24: Conspiracy is a series of 24 sixty-second "mobisodes" that will be launched in January of 2005 exclusively on Vodafone in 23 countries in Europe, with eventual US distribution on Verizon Wireless.

24: Conspiracy, an original live-action thriller inspired by the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning drama 24, will be distributed on Vodafone live! with 3G in Europe beginning in January 2005. Vodafone live! with 3G is Vodafone's newly-launched multimedia consumer offering, bringing customers an enhanced world of mobile communication and services such as video calling, video and picture messaging, music, games, ringtones, sports and news information. Plans are also underway to distribute 24: Conspiracy through Verizon Wireless in the United States in 2005.

24: Conspiracy—See the first mobisode

Download the first mobisode

Like the television series, 24: Conspiracy concerns the operations of agents working for the Counterterrorist Unit, an arm of the CIA devoted to preventing and responding to terrorist attacks on American soil. 24: Conspiracy will have its worldwide launch on January 30, 2005 in the United Kingdom to coincide with the fourth season premiere of 24 on British television, but you can see the first mobisode today.

Designed to be seen on 3G mobile phones equipped with advanced video-capable technology, 24: Conspiracy will give 24 fans the unique opportunity to race from their television sets to their cell phones every week to catch the latest "mobisode" (see the first mobisode) All twenty-four installments of 24: Conspiracy will run sixty seconds, with a cliffhanger ending leading directly into the next installment, culminating in a final episode in which all questions are answered.

Composer John Massari used Digital Performer, MachFive and MX4 to create an intense, dark, and suspenseful score for this innovative new series. Massari uses traditional orchestral instruments with a dark techno edge to give the series a very powerful emotional impact.

MachFive played a critical role in realizing the composition. "I had as few as three and as many as six MachFive instances running concurrently with very complicated sequences," says Massari. "It sounds great and all my clients are very pleased with the results."

To add further excitement to the underscore, Massari used MX4. "MX4's Rhythmic Sync banks provided unique rhythmic synth textures that I utilized as is or re-edited and remixed via DP's Multimode Filter and Ring Modulator plug-ins," says Massari. "MX4 served as great resource and a welcomed dynamic working in concert with the traditional orchestral pallet of MachFive."

Massari's marriage of tradition and technology is the perfect combination to highlight the suspenseful sequences, and provides immense depth to the conspiracy as it unfolds through the many twists and turns in the plot. "DP, MachFive and MX4 are superb products," says Massari, "a real asset for any composer creating and crafting complex or simple orchestral textures."

24: Conspiracy had its worldwide launch on January 30, 2005 in the United Kingdom to coincide with the fourth season premiere of 24 on British television,with launches in 22 European countries to coincide with the local season premier. Verizon Wireless plans to launch 24: Conspiracy on its V Cast 3G network later in 2005.

In the first mobisode, Susan Walker, a rogue federal agent, murders a high-ranking government official. Martin Kail, a counterterrorism operative, races the clock to bring her to justice.

Best known and most admired for creating the "Wonderful World of Disney" theme music and The Ray Bradbury Theater Theme, composer John Massari's portfolio of television, home entertainment, commercial and feature work spans several decades, and continues to grow. John has been a dedicated Digital Performer user and MOTU customer for many years. Learn more about John Massari at http://www.johnmassari.com/.