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MOTU Artist Spotlight: Doctor Rosen Rosen

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Dr. Rosen Rosen

When you ask Doctor Rosen Rosen (aka Andy Rosen) if his producer name harkens to a certain classic Chevy Chase movie scene, he simply smiles broadly and says, "Absolutely!" Doctor Rosen Rosen is a multi-talented songwriter, producer and remixer currently based in Burbank, CA. Official remix credits include Drake, Lady Gaga, Weezer, and many more.

Doctor Rosen Rosen also works with many up-and-coming artists, including Kay, wanderhouse, and Ofelia. His most recent success stories include Producer/Co-Writer credits for the new "Make a Shadow" EP by solo artist Meg Myers (2014, Atlantic Records). Through it all, Andy relies on DP8 to crank out tracks.

Learn more about DP8's Pattern Gate plug-in featured in this video.