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MOTU Artist Spotlight: Ludwig Göransson and DP

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Ludwig Goransson Artist Spotlight

Born in Sweden and educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, composer and producer Ludwig Göransson landed in LA and has never looked back. With multi-instrumental talent to burn, Ludwig has quickly racked up scoring credits for several hit sitcoms, including Community, Happy Endings, and New Girl, along with producer credits for Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), HIAM's debut EP and Chance the Rapper, culminating in a deal to compose for Jay-Z's ROCNation. Through it all, DP has fueled Ludwig's successes.

Scoring NBC's Community

Ludwig reveals the process he goes through to score an episode of NBC's hit sitcom series Community.

Ludwig's computer setup and favorite DP plug-in

Ludwig explains his computer setup and demonstrates the pulsating, rhythmic and hypnotic sounds of Pattern Gate.