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BPM 1.5 is now shipping

Purchase Version 1.5 upgrade now

BPM 1.5 delivers new features, updated soundbanks with hundreds of new kits and patterns, plus 4 GB of classic beat box sounds for over 19 GB of included kits, patterns, loops, and samples. Purchase the BPM 1.5 upgrade from the motu.com web store today.

Beat Box Anthology

Beat Box Anthology

TR 808…LinnDrum…SP1200… Iconic rhythm machines from decades past that brought us legendary sounds that still drive today's beats. BPM delivers the sounds of 80 such classic machines from the 1970's, 80's and 90's — a massive 4 GB collection of legacy rhythm sounds, combined with BPM's updated 1.5 library, for an unprecedented 19 GB, by far the most extensive rhythm sound library available.

More musical styles

More musical styles

Updated soundbanks deliver kits, patterns and sounds for many additional musical styles, including big beat, dancehall, dub, electro, jungle, hard trance, house, jungle-drum bass, minimal, progressive, vinylized and others. With BPM's FlexLoop™ technology, you control every loop element, from individual samples to FX parameters. Combine kits and patterns from each style to quickly create unique hybrid beats.

Customized remote control

Customized control

How you play your instrument is how you express yourself as a musical artist. That's why BPM lets you use the MIDI controller of your choice. It needs to feel right. Be right. Just for you. BPM goes further by letting you customize how it responds to your pad controller, MIDI keyboard, or other controller, so that your flow is BPM's flow, and BPM flows with you.

Note repeat

Note repeat

Choose any note repeat value, from triplet 64ths to dotted quarters to 32x. Assign the note repeat button to any control item on your MIDI controller. Change the repeat value on the fly from your controller. Control the volume (velocity) of repeated notes with aftertouch pressure. This is rhythm programming the way it should be: live, dynamic, and customizable.

MIDI Select

MIDI Select

The new MIDI Select feature gives you direct access to each pad — up to 64 simultaneous pads per scene — for quick editing and tweaking directly from your MIDI controller. Need to tweak the filter cutoff on the crash cymbal? Play the pad, tweak the filter, done.

Bank aux FX

Bank aux FX

When creating your own banks of sounds, the new Bank Aux FX feature lets you program and save effects such as delays, reverb, filters, and any of BPM's dozens of included effects together with the bank itself, so that the next time you load the kit, the effects load with it.

BPM 1.5 upgrade package

BPM 1.5 upgrade package

The BPM 1.5 upgrade package includes:

  • BPM 1.5 installer CD
  • Updated BPM 1.5 soundbank DVDs
  • New Beat Box Anthology soundbank DVD
  • Beat Box Anthology iLok auth key code

Other recent new features

Record Undo

Did that last pass you just recorded sound like a train wreck? Hit Record Undo and try again. You can map Record Undo to any button you want on your MIDI controller.

64-bit Windows support

Run the VST or stand-alone version of BPM in native 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7.


Spiraling synth parts. Burbling bass lines. Oscillating leads. Apply BPM's arpeggiator to as many parts as you wish. Choose from dozens of presets, like "Ice Walk" and "Poison" or program your own down to the last detail.

Slice loop editing

Slice and dice your loops any way you can think of. BPM's complete slice loop editor gives you all the control you need over your slice loops.

Slice loop mapping

Once you've edited the slices of a loop, map them to pads with one click.

One shot pads

Program any pad as a one-shot.

Double resolution

What if you start programming a pattern with a sixteenth note grid, but later decide you need to go to 32nd notes? No problem: right-click the grid and choose Double Resolution. Your pattern sounds the same, but now you can program at twice the resolution.