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Comments and Feedback

How to contact MOTU

Pre-sales technical questions, ship dates, future compatibility, pricing.
Technical Support
Technical support for registered users.
Auto response email filled with handy tidbits of MOTU information.
Contact for registered user upgrades, change of address, etc.
Suggestion Box
This is a drop box to send your product related wish-lists. Got a great feature idea for Digital Performer? Send it here.

Suspected bug reports should be sent to technical support.

Important note: please do not BCC: your suggestion to as our database software will not be able to identify it and your suggestion will be lost. Either use CC: or simply send it directly to the suggestions email address. Thanks!

Web-site related comments
Report broken links, massage the webmaster's ego - report embarrassing misspellings...

Note: please use this web form. The old webmaster address has been disabled due to excessive spam.

Mark of the Unicorn
1280 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA 02138

617.576.2760 - main line (9am-6pm EST M-F)
617.576.3609 - fax
617.354.3068 - tech support fax line
617.576.3066 - tech support (9am-6pm EST M-F)

Search the MOTU technotes library

Want to buy a MOTU product? Find a dealer with Harmony Central. Here is a shortcut query for all United States Dealers who sell MIDI and audio gear.