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v2.0+71997 | March 1, 2017

v4.0+72091 | March 1, 2017

  • NOTE: The latest firmware is required for Windows operation.
  • Added a workaround for PCI USB host controller cards with poor timing.
  • Improved the audio engine timers.
  • Improved Discovery app performance.
  • Fixed an issue where sample rate changes could cause a stop error.
  • Fixed an issue where unplugging UltraLite AVB could cause a stop error.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sample rate changes from Presonus Studio One and Pro Tools.
  • Fixed an installer issue in 32-bit environment.
  • Pro Audio Driver Read Me for all MOTU AVB interfaces
  • Driver update history with links to earlier versions

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Routing grid tutorial

This tutorial from the MOTU Technote database provides a complete walk-through of the routing grid. Topics include vertical and horizontal gliding, making connections for entire banks with one click, sending signal to your DAW, sending computer audio to physical outputs, and routing audio to and from the mixer.

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Device presets tutorial

This tutorial from the MOTU Technote database provides a complete, interactive walk-through of device presets. Each preset is covered in detail, so you can understand where audio is going in the routing grid. In presets that involve the on-board mixer, you'll gain insight into how audio is routed to and from the mixer, and how to use the mixer for no-latency monitoring and effects processing.

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Additional topics

Firmware updates

MOTU periodically posts firmware updates for your MOTU interface. Updates may include bug fixes, enhancements, and new features. Updates are posted on MOTU's servers. If your computer, iPad or iPhone has access to the internet, the MOTU Pro Control web app notifies you as soon as an update is made available. Otherwise, you can check back here periodically for the latest firmware update.

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