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Title Modification Date
Burning your DP or AudioDesk Song on CD 03.09.2007
Bounce-to-disk mono files 10.03.2006
How do I view the Movie Track in DP's Sequence Editor? 03.07.2006
How do I hear the metronome click through my audio interface? 03.07.2006
VST Instruments in DP under OS 9 08.09.2005
What is the best way to use two monitors on my MAC? 07.29.2005
Why isn't the key binding for Duplicate Tracks working with DP or AudioDesk under Tiger (10.4)? 06.08.2005
What kind of Quicktime movie can I open in my DP or AudioDesk project? 06.07.2005
Why can't I record-enable my audio track in DP or AudioDesk? 06.07.2005
I enter my name and keycode, but the OK button doesn't become active 06.07.2005
Slaving to SMPTE via MTC 06.07.2005
After I installed Digital Performer, AudioDesk, or Unisyn, entered my name and keycode, and pressed okay, the box disappears for a few seconds and then asks for my name and keycode again or says my demo version has expired. 06.07.2005
Multiple PCI 424 interfaces and Sample Rate Issues 06.07.2005
MIDI Timecode (MTC) vs MIDI Beat Clocks 06.07.2005
Compacting Soundbites 06.07.2005
I get an Error 103 message; how do I load a chunk or project? 06.07.2005
Can I transfer audio to the 2408 with my DA-88 and SY-88 card if I do not have a synchronizer? 06.07.2005
Exporting as a stereo soundbite in DP or AudioDesk 06.07.2005
Digital Performer Freezes Upon Startup in OS9 06.07.2005
I am having problems running my application in Classic Environment 06.07.2005