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Electronic Musician Magazine

2013 Electronic Musician Editors' Choice Award
"This DAW Goes to 11"

When it comes to DAWs, DP aims to be the guitarist’s pick

Sure, there are lots of great DAWs. But DP8 gets the Editor’s Choice Award for the included guitar effects, with amp sims and processors that are not only the best you’ll find bundled in a DAW, but are also equal to or better than third-party amp sims. Of course, many types of musicians use DP . . . but who would have thought the video community’s favorite audio-for-video DAW was also a hardcore shredder?

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Keyboard Magazine

Key Buy Award - August, 2013

"I appreciate DP's easy hardware driver setup...In DP, you simply open a panel, command-click (Mac) or control-click (windows) on the drivers you need, and specify the master clock. Then, the additional I/O shows up as a choice in the track menu."

"In DP8, sorting plug-ins is about as flexible as can be."

"If you're not a longtime user,
stop reading and start downloading!"

"I don't know if I've ever heard a more flexible sonic thickener than MOTU's new Ensemble Chorus, whose left, right and center width controls let you fill the entire sound field with fat pulsating pads."

"DP8 is certainly a boon for those who pefer PCs to Macs for horsepower-per-dollar reasons."

"If you're not a longtime user, stop reading and start downloading!"

— Marty Cutler, Keyboard Magazine

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Recording Magazine

June, 2013

"I will cut to the chase and say that the new DP 8 has done much to improve how I work, and it has improved the quality of my studio’s output."

"When I first installed DP 8, I needed to master one tune from my new album, so I grabbed my mastering template and opened it up. Wow, that was so fast! The speed difference in 64-bit operation was immediately apparent."

"Let me emphasize that DP 8 is smooth and reliable in both 64-bit and 32-bit mode."

"I am a big fan of the plug-in virtual instruments and audio effects that come standard in Digital Performer. They sound great, are easy to use, and are a standard part of my sound-making palette."

"The new DP 8 has done much to improve how I work,
and it has improved the quality of my studio’s output."

"Digital Performer 8 has achieved that great balance of stability and innovation in my studio. My workflow was not impacted by the update, and the new additions significantly expand my capacity for great sound design and precise engineering. And being the good friend it has been to me all these years, DP 8 has suggested I plan for the future and see how best to migrate my system to 64-bit. If you’re a DP user, you’ll find all the surprises in this new version to be good ones, and if you’re looking for a new DAW (whether on Mac or Windows), there’s a lot to recommend DP as a truly professional platform for audio and MIDI, alone and for video."

— Jim Combs, Recording Magazine

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Pro Audio Review

May, 2013

"DP8, is another impressive move forward in features and flow for a well-established and highly functional DAW."

"MOTU has taken a big jump forward, providing many premium plugs within the standard DP package."

"Live Room B's performance—from the cabinets, to the mics, to the mic patterns—sound surprisingly real; a single bass DI with this much available power is a coup of standard modern rock production."

"MOTU’s De-esser plug-in has nine controls (including attack, release, frequency, ratio, look-ahead, etc.) and the best metering I've ever seen, showing users all they need to know. These controls make for powerful flexibility for “smoothing” tracks (e.g., fixing brash overhead mics or brittle guitar)."

"Digital Performer 8 has achieved that great balance of stability and innovation..."

"Ensemble Chorus: This deep, very powerful multiple voice chorus with ample control and options can do subtle, glassy and even crazed robots."

"Without getting too detailed, I can confirm that the new plug-ins are great."

— Rob Tavaglione

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PC Magazine

April 18, 2013

Editor Rating: Excellent (4 out of 5 stars)

"This latest version is a true pleasure to work with."

"The UI is also 100 percent Cocoa this time around; performance seemed snappy on both test machines."

"Pitch correction for vocal tracks is handled extremely well‚ to the point where you may want to use Digital Performer just for its native capabilities here, which approach Melodyne-levels of quality and ease of use. We ended up using Digital Performer for some serious manual pitch correction work on several takes of a lead vocal, and the results were completely transparent."

"Unlike in Logic Pro, you can drag channels around in the Mixing Board view, which makes it easy to keep your project organized."

"In use, Digital Performer was rock solid."

"This latest version is a true pleasure to work with."

"There's a stellar, configurable Teletronix LA-2A compressor emulation in MasterWorks Leveler."

"All told, if you're looking for a stellar platform for hosting virtual instruments, composition, notation, and film scoring, Digital Performer remains an exceptional choice."

— Jamie Lendino

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