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How to Sync Pro Tools 4 with Performer

This page describes how to sync Performer with the Ensoniq PARIS system.

Technical Support

How to Sync Digidesign Pro Tools 4 with Performer

1) Install FreeMIDI 1.34, and remove OMS from the active set of extentions.

2) Open FreeMIDI, select FreeMIDI Preferences from the File menu, and make sure that "FreeMIDI apps only", "Emulate OMS", and "Inter-application MIDI" are checked.

3) Launch Performer first. Select "Receive Sync" from the basics menu. Set the "Sync to Port" to "Inter-Application Sync". Turn on "Slave to External Sync". Press play. Performer will now be waiting for sync.

4) Launch Pro Tools 4. Open the Session Setup window, and set the transmit sync in the session setup to "Performer". Turn Pro Tools online mode on.

You will now see Performer slave to Pro Tools in the background. Pro Tools will also slave to incoming timecode.