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How do I Bounce or Export my DP file as an MP3?

Digital Performer 4.5 introduces the ability to directly Bounce to Disk or Export Soundbites as an MP3.

To enabled this, you need to have the LAME.framework installed on your system. The LAME.framework is not included with DP. It is open source software that can be downloaded free of charge. Try searching Google or VersionTracker for "LAME Framework" to download it. Follow the instructions that are included with it to install.

The LAME.framework should be placed in /Library/Frameworks.

If you do not see LAME Audio Export: MP3 as a choice when you Bounce to Disk or Export Selected bites, the LAME.framework is not installed, or it is installed in the Library of another user. Relocate the LAME.framework to the global /Libary/Frameworks folder.

For information on how to convert your project to an MP3 in AudioDesk or DP 4.12 or earlier, check out the tech note, How to make an MP3 of your Digital Performer Project.