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My 2408 is in stand alone mode and I get pops or digital noise

Any time the 2408 is in stand alone mode, not connected to the computer or the computer isn't booted, the 2408 is acting as a stand alone converter and has a number of choices for word clock settings. If you do not have the PCI-324 Sound Manager Driver installed, the 2408 will be in stand alone mode until you launch the PCI-324 Console or the host software that will be using the 2408. If the 2408 is ever trying to clock to some digital source that isn't present, or there are two sources present that are not word clocked locked together, you have the possibility of click's and pop's or sometimes white noise. This is true in any digital scenario.

If the 2408 is in stand alone mode and you have not assigned it the correct clock setting or any clock setting, it could just be sitting there trying to look for word clock or ADAT clock. The solution is to set the 2408 to internal as the clock source or choose the source you are working with.

Let's say you are using the analog I/O and a DAT machine with the 2408. In stand alone mode you could choose internal, meaning the 2408 is clocking internally and is the master, ready for you to send audio to your DAT machine. You could choose S/PDIF as the clock source if you have the DAT machine on and connected. The sample rate on the 2408 must match the sample rate of the DAT. There are many possible configurations. There must only be one master!

With the computer off you can configure the 2408 as a stand alone converter. Here is an example for use with and ADAT device on Bank A:

  • Set the Source Row to ADAT GRP A
  • Set the Clock Row to SRC and it should lock to the sample rate of the source
  • Set the Bounce Row to 1-2 > 1-2

Now all inputs coming into Bank A will be routed to all outputs on every Bank.