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Monitoring from the internal CD drive of the Mac to the 2408

On all computers, the CD Rom audio output is internally hard wired to the outputs on the computer's own sound card. Therefore, it is not possible to play a CD on your computer and have the output internally patched through your Motu Hardware or any other third party audio hardware. You would have to physically route the audio output from theconnection provided on your computer's sound card to the destination of your choice, unless you can use one of the following exceptions.

Some third party applications such as Retro CD or Sound Jam, which has the ability to access the computers CD ROM Drive for audio can patch thru to the PCI-324 Sound Manager Driver. Macintosh OS 9 now has this ability when using it's Apple CD Audio Player.

However, If you do not have either of the above options, Digital Performer does have the ability to use Sound Manager and the computer's internal soundcard for audio input and output. This would allow you to play a CD and record the output in Digital Performer.

Digital Performer 2.5 also has the ability to import and convert audio tracks directly from any CD.