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How to Create a Custom FreeMIDI Patchlist (Mac)

There are two ways to do this on the Mac. The simpler method is via the Patchlist Manager utility found in the FreeMIDI Applications folder. The step-by-step instructions for creating a custom patchlist via Patchlist Manager are covered in your users manual's Patchlist Manager sections.

The other method involves creating your own Default Names Patchlist. While this procedure is more complicated, it will create a direct link to your custom patchlist when you create the device in your FreeMIDI Setup. Detailed instructions for customizing your own default names patchlist are included in a document called "About Default Names" found in the System Folder: FreeMIDI Folder: Default Names folder in your Mac. Before attempting this procedure, you should be reasonably savvy with MIDI and your instrument's MIDI implementation.