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Sends on Stereo Tracks

You have four sends per track*. In Digital Performer 3 and AudioDesk 1, Send 1 and 3 always correspond to the left side of a stereo track. Sends 2 and 4 always correspond to the right side of the track. Holding the Option key will allow Stereo control over your paired sends when adjusting levels.

In DP 4 and AudioDesk 2, on tracks with stereo input you can choose to send from the left or right channel. In each send's pop-up menu, choose Send From Channel and choose either L or R from the sub-menu.

* In DP 4.5, you can assign up to 20 sends per track. DP 4.5 also introduces stereo and surround sends. For details on sends in DP 4.5, check out the tech note, Sends in DP 4.5.