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OMF Interchange and ProTools

Using the OMF Interchange format you can import your AudioDesk or Digital Performer projects into ProTools while also transferring your region edits and crossfades. MIDI data isn't included (this can be saved separately as a Standard MIDI File).

In the File menu of your project choose Save As. Under File Format choose "OMF Interchange" and save the file. The program will create a separate OMF File. In your ProTools Folder you should find a utility titled "OMF Tool" or you can use the link below to download it. Launch OMF tool and from the top menu choose "Convert OMF to ProTools/SD2". Locate the OMF file and choose "OK". You now have a ProTools Project.

Currently the OMF tool is working with 16 bit files, not 24 bit files. If you need to create a 24 bit OMF, save your 24 bit DP file using the same steps mentioned above, then use DigiDesign's Digi Translator software instead of OMF Tool from conversion from OMF to PT session.

The OMF tool and Digi Translator are currently available at Digidesign's web site (

DP3 or higher also opens the OMF format!