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How do I connect my DAT machine or other source via SPDIF to a 2408

Open the PCI Console and assign Bank C to SPDIF. Click enable routings if it isn't clicked already. Enable the input and output (if you are using a 324 card, to enable output you set the output source to "from computer" ). When you're ready to record in via SPIDIF set the clock source to in your host app to "SPIDIF" and make sure the SPDIF device you're recording from is on "INTERNAL" clock. Make sure the Sample Rate on the 2408 also matches the Sample Rate of the SPDIF source. When you are done recording a SPDIF signal, your clock source should be set to Internal for playback.

When playing to a SPDIF destination, your clock source should be on internal or any other valid Clock Source, and the SPDIF device receiving the SPIDIF should be clocking to SPDIF. There is one coaxial SPDIF input and two coaxial SPDIF outputs on the 2408. The Aux. Output is where the signal will be routed when assigning a track to SPDIF 1-2. The Main output mirrors Analog 1-2. Therefore, whenever a track is assigned to Analog 1-2 the signal will also be sent to the SPDIF Main output.

NOTE: The 2408 doesn't work with "toslink" optical SPIDIF. It handles SPIDIF communication only thru it's RCA jacks. MOTU's 828 and 308 do handle toslink.