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PCI communication with MOTU Audio Hardware

When the audio interface is communicating with the PCI card you should see the Clock, Source and Bounce LEDs lit up, or just the Meter LED lit solid, not blinking when using a 2408 or 308. With other interfaces you should see one sample rate led glowing steadily as oppossed to both 44.1k and 48k LEDs blinking.

  • Set the Clock Source to Internal and hit Refresh.
  • Try restarting the computer if Refresh doesn't regain communication.
  • Make sure the AudioWire is in tight on each end.
  • Try one of the other AudioWire connections on the PCI card and then hitting refresh with the Clock Source set to Internal.
  • Try reseating the PCI card in the computer or even try another PCI slot if you are still having trouble.

If you still have trouble you should contact our technical support department for further assistance.