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Understanding output source for the 2408 in the PCI-324 console software

The output source drop down list in the PCI-324 console for the 2408 can be a little confusing. In most cases, you'll you want the output source to be selected in software. Choose From Computer in the output source drop down list.

You can also use the output source column for convenient patch thru. For example: You have Bank A set to Analog, Bank B set to ADAT and Bank C set to DA-88. Say you want to record into Digital Performer or Cakewalk using the 8 analog inputs of the 2408. At the same time, you would like to send that signal to a bank of ADAT to back up the 8 tracks to ADAT tape. This scenario assumes you're clocking the ADAT (digital in button pressed to clock to lightpipe) and DA-88 (word clock into the DA-88) to the 2408. The PCI-342 console's clock source is set to internal and the word clock out connection of the 2408 goes to word in of the DA-88.

Here's what you do:

1. Open the PCI-324 console (or in DP the configure hardware driver dialog box).

2. Set Bank A to analog, Bank B to ADAT and Bank C to DA-88.

3. Select the enable routing button.

4. Enable all inputs for Bank A. Set the output source for Bank A to From Computer. (This setting is not imperative for this setup. You'll probably want to monitor analog outputs through headphones in software.)

5. For Bank B set the output source to Bank A Analog 1-2, Analog 3-4, Analog 5-6 and Analog 7-8. You can also choose the mono routing button for mono output signals.

So. In this setup, the output source of Bank B ADAT is from the Analog bank.

Another example: If you wanted DA-88 input to go to Bank B ADAT, and monitor through Analog 1-2. Again, this scenario assumes you're clocking the ADAT and DA-88 to the 2408.

Here's the setup:

1. Enable the inputs for Bank C DA-88. Set the output source to From Computer for each input on Bank C.

2. Set the output source in Bank B to DA-88 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 or choose the mono routing button for mono output signals.

3. Set Analog Bank A output source to From Computer.

4. In your software, record enable Bank C DA-88 inputs and set the output to Analog 1-2. Make sure the software's patch thru is enabled.

As the signal goes from the DA-88's TDIF, the output should patch to ADAT for an ADAT tape back up and route through the software to Analog 1-2.

You may find using the Cumix console more convenient and easier to use since you can attenuate volume and pan for output. The above exercises may help users gain understanding of how output source works in the PCI-324 console.