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Patchlists for Unsupported Device in OMS

If you have a device which has a FreeMIDI patchlist (or you have created one in Patchlist Manager) but is completely unsupported in OMS here is a way to get the patchlist to publish in FreeMIDI applications (DP, Performer, Freestyle) when FreeMidi is in Use OMS When Available mode. [I'll use a JV 1010 as an example]

  1. Create a dummy device in OMS that is supported in both FreeMIDI and OMS but you are not currently using in your studio. You can name the device it's real name and it will appear correct in FreeMIDI applications. [ex: Manufacturer: Yamaha Model: TX81Z connected to the port that the JV 1010 is connected to in real life, Name: JV-1010]
  2. Open the System folder, OMS folder, Factory Names folder: in here delete the file for the dummy device. [ex: move the file: Yamaha TX81Z to the trash]
  3. In the System Folder open the FreeMIDI folder, then open the Default names folder. Find the manufacturer folder for the dummy device and open it. [ex: Yamaha folder]
  4. If you have a patchlist, rename it so it is exactly the same as the dummy device patchlist in this folder. [ex: rename the JV 1010 patchlist: 'TX81Z']
  5. a Replace the dummy device file found in this folder with the new one. [move the NEW file: TX81Z to the Yamaha folder, when asked if you want to replace the current file of the same name choose replace]

    b If you do not have a patchlist but wish to create one with Patchlist Manager, delete the dummy device file from the manufacturer folder (this is not necessary but will prevent later confusion).

  6. Open Patchlist Manager and build a patchlist for the dummy device. [ex: choose the TX81Z from the FreeMIDI devices and then build a patchlist for the JV 1010 and assign it to the TX81Z]