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Why is CC10 and CC7 not playing back in DP 2.7?

If Automation Playback is NOT enabled, DP will not transmit these MIDI controller messages.

Go to the Mixing Board, turn on the Automation Playback (engage small play button in the Automation section so it is green) for the tracks that have this controller information on them.

You can also globally turn on and off automation for each track in DP.

  1. Go to the Basics menu > Automation Setup.
  2. Make sure "Enable Automation" is checked. You can enable different global automation parameters for both midi and audio in this section.
  3. Under Track Automation Configuration, select the track in question with the first pull-down menu. Directly under that you will see a check box for "Enable Automation Playback", which needs to be checked.

This is a handy way of selectively designating how certain automation properties play back for every track in Digital Performer. Here you can globally enable or disable automation, or be very specific in how you want each tracks automation features to function.