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How to make an MP3 of your Digital Performer Project

Here's the correct procedure for taking a finished mix done in DP or AudioDesk and converting it to an MP3.

Note: This FAQ doesn't apply to Performer 6.

  1. Make sure you're listening to your mix thru ONE stereo pair like "Built-In Audio 1-2" on your Mac, "Analog 1-2" on the 2408mk3, or "Main Out 1-2" on the 828mk2. Make sure MIDI isn't part of the mix you're listening to (MIDI tracks would have to recorded in as audio -- check out the tech note, How do I convert my MIDI sequence to Audio?).
  2. Hit Command-A to select all tracks.
  3. Choose Audio menu > Bounce to Disk.
  4. Select Split Stereo for "channels", 16 Bit for "Resolution", Add to Soundbites Window for "Import", and set your "Output Source" to match the stereo pair you determined you're using in step one. Also give the file a name. Hit OK and let the file bounce.

    Note: If you are using DP 4.5, you can Bounce to Disk directly as an MP3. Check out the tech note, How do I Bounce or Export my DP files as MP3s?. You can choose the LAME Audio export format, and skip steps 5, 6, and 7.

  5. Find and select the bounced file in the Soundbites Window (DP 3/AudioDesk 1: Windows menu > Soundbites, DP 4/AD 2: Project menu > Soundbites).
  6. Choose "Export Selected Bites" from the mini-menu in the upper left hand corner of the Soundbites window and select "Interleaved SDII" or "AIFF". Save it to a location you'll remember.
  7. Drag that file into a program that can export files as MP3s, such as iTunes.