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Exporting as a stereo soundbite in DP or AudioDesk

AudioDesk and Digital Performer use the Sound Designer II linked mono format for stereo files.

To export an interleaved stereo file (which shows up as one file on your hard drive as opposed to two), follow these steps:

  1. After your mix is complete, select the tracks and measures you wish to bounce.
  2. Go to the Audio Menu > Bounce to Disk.
  3. In the Bounce dialog box select "Add to Soundbites" and select the output pair you're listening to audio thru.
  4. After the bounce is complete, go to your Soundbites window and highlight the soundbite that resulted from the bounce in the previous steps.
  5. From the mini-menu of the Soundbites window, select "Export Selected Bite."
  6. Pick a place to save it to and then pick which stereo format you wish to export as, such as AIFF or WAV or Interleaved SDII.

The final product will be a stereo interleaved file that can be burned as audio in a program like Toast, iTunes, etc. It can also be converted to an MP3 in iTunes, etc.

For info on exporting stereo soundbites in DP 4.5, check out the tech note, Exporting as a stereo soundbite in DP 4.5.