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I am having trouble using my Yamaha 01X with DP4

To setup:

• After attaching the interface, you must launch mLAN Auto Connector.

• Then, under the device menu, you must "connect" the 01X.

• Take the time here under the preferences menu to take note of your sample rate. It defaults at 48 (but can do 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96) and if you change it, you will have to change it in AMS as well should you want to use the interface for say iTunes.

• On the 01X itself, change the clock source to AUTO-CLOCK under Utility.

• If you wish to use the Control Surface capability with DP4, under Utility, press the Remote knob and select Digital Performer as your Remote.

• You will also need to create a device to connect to the 01X in Audio MIDI Setup (an 01v works fine).

• In DP4, when you setup a Control Surface, select Mackie Control as the type.

• Remember that the outputs you are using in DP4 (eg. mLAN Stream 1-2) have to have their faders raised on the 01X as well.

We recommend consulting some 01X forums as well as Yamaha if you experience problems with this interface with DP4 and not other interfaces.

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