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Opening .MID files (Standard MIDI Files)

The MIDI files that are found online are generally PC formatted files. These files often have a .MID extension.

These files can be opened in DP via File menu > Open (in DP 3 or earlier, you'd need to select "Show all Readable files" in the open file dialog). You can also drag and drop them from the Finder into DP's Chunks window, or onto the list portion of the Tracks Overview window.

If you have a standard MIDI file that does not show up as a readable document or cannot be dropped into Performer or Digital Performer, there's a utility included with Performer and DP that let's you convert these to a readable state (OS 9 only). This utility is called MIDI File Converter, and can be found in the Performer Folder within a folder called "Extras". It's easy to use. Just double click on MIDI File Converter, and it will ask you to locate a Standard MIDI File. MIDI File Converter opens it spits it out in a readable form, so that when you choose File > Open in Performer, and select "all readable documents" at the bottom of this open dialog box, the SMF will show up.

Under OS X with Digital Performer 4.X, this converter isn't necessary. If you are still having trouble opening a SMF in DP 4.X, try opening the file in the Quicktime Player or iTunes.