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FreeMIDI Sync

FreeMIDI sync is a type of synchronization used between two FreeMIDI compatible applications. It is the equivalent to interapplication sync (the IAC driver) in OMS.

When FreeMIDI sync is enabled in the FreeMIDI preferences (File menu > Preferences), open applications will appear as sync sources in the send and receive sync windows. You can use the transports in Unisyn, for example, to transport Digital Performer in the background. Here's what you do:

  1. Launch FreeMIDI. Choose Interapplication MIDI in the preferences dialog box (File menu > Preferences).
  2. Launch Digital Performer and Unisyn.
  3. In Digital Performer make sure FreeMIDI sync is selected in the Basics menu.
  4. Go to Unisyn. Open the transport window from the Play menu.
  5. Hit the play button and DP will follow in the background.