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MOTU Symphonic Instrument cannot find my sounds

The recommended installation process for the MOTU Symphonic Instrument and its sounds is to copy the MSI.dat sound file from the DVD first and then run the plug-in CD installer. When done in this order, the plug-in installer on the CD can locate your MSI.dat sound file and place the necessary files in the correct location so that the plug-in will know where to look for the sounds. All of the sounds for the MOTU Symphonic Instrument are located in this one .DAT file.

If you did not install in that order, or if you need to move your MSI.dat file at any time, please note that MSI looks in a specific location for this file:

Mac OS X

  • startup disk/Library/Application Support/MOTU/MSI


  • startup disk:\Program Files\MOTU\MSI\Plug-in

... where startup disk is the name of your system hard drive (usually "Macintosh HD" or "C").

You must place the .DAT file in this location. Alternatively, you may place the .DAT file in another location - possibly on an external or second hard drive - and create an alias (OS X) or shortcut (Windows) to it, and place the alias/shortcut in this location instead. If you create an alias or shortcut, its name must be "MSI.dat". If the file is named "MSI.dat alias" or "Shortcut to MSI.dat" it will not work.

If you are still having trouble bringing up your MSI sounds, please see this tech note, How do I load sounds in the MOTU Symphonic Instrument?.