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Phase Accurate versus Sample Accurate Sync

Both phase accurate and sample accurate sync will give you tight synchronization, but sample accurate sync will give you a higher degree of accuracy.

Phase accurate sync takes place when synchronizing to an external MTC or LTC source, and DAWs (Digtial Audio Workstations) locate and synchronize to the nearest sample location. If the address and the Word Clock are phase-locked, audio drift will not occur. Sample-accurate sync cannot take place since the sync source (LTC or MTC) cannot send a sample location. The tightest resolution from LTC or MTC is quarter-frame accuracy. Using the MTP AV or DTP with a LTC or MTC timebase will phase-lock devices and give you Phase Accurate Sync.

Sample Accurate sync refers to the ability for machines to locate and synchronize to exact sample locations. ADAT Sync, Tascam Sync, and Control Track have the ability to send address and Word clock in one cable which will be accurate down to the sample location.

You can achieve sample-to-sample accuracy with Digital Performer, using any ADAT 9-pin sync source with any of our audio interfaces (the PCI-324, 424, and all of our FireWire interfaces have an ADAT 9-pin sync port). Sample accurate sync is also possible with a DA-38/DA-88 and a Digital Timepiece, using Control Track (PCI-324 only) or ADAT 9-pin.

Note that to have transport control of your devices from DP you would need a synchronizer like the MIDI Timepiece AV, which can receive MMC commands and transmit ADAT Sync commands.