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Pro Tools Performance Issues with MOTU RTAS VIs

With the Pro Tools version 7.4 update, Digidesign implemented changes that cause performance issues with some of MOTU's RTAS virtual instrument plug-ins, including MOTU Symphonic Instrument, MOTU Ethno Instrument version 1, and MachFive version 2. (The current versions of MX4, Electric Keys, BPM, and Ethno Instrument are not affected.) These issues will affect MSI, Ethno version 1, and MachFive version 2 users with Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools HD versions 7.4 and later (including Pro Tools version 8 and version 9) on Mac OS X and Windows. Additionally, other DAW programs that utilize the Digidesign Audio Engine (such as Digital Performer in DAE mode or Logic in DAE mode) will exhibit these issues when using DAE versions 7.4 and later.

Our development department is aware of these issues. Any new information will be posted to as it becomes available.

These workarounds are available to affected users:

  • Revert to a version of Pro Tools prior to version 7.4.
  • Use the standalone version of MSI, Ethno, or MachFive 2 instead of the RTAS plug-in version.
  • Instantiate the AU or VST version of MSI, Ethno version 1, or MachFive 2 in a secondary plug-in host application that will work alongside Pro Tools.
  • Ethno version 1 users may consider upgrading to Ethno version 2.