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The Sony/Phillips Digital Interface Format (SPDIF) is used to transfer two channels of audio digitally from one device to another. It is a form of time base reference that digital devices use for audio synchronization, much like word clock. SPDIF connections use either RCA coaxial or fiber optic connections. When using RCA cables, good quality 75 ohm video-type cables are recommended. SPDIF optical ports are the same shape and use the same cables as ADAT optical, but they are different protocols as optical SPDIF is only two channels whereas ADAT optical is eight channels.

You can transfer audio digitally from a DAT machine into Digital Performer through a 2408. Connect S/PDIF out from the DAT to the SPDIF in of the 2408, set the Audio System Clock to "2408-SPDIF," and set an audio track's input to SPDIF 1-2. Setting the clock source to SPDIF prevents clicks and distortion.