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Using Talkback / Listenback with MOTU FireWire devices

For FireWire/USB2 audio interfaces that use the MOTU CueMix Console, you can configure Talkback or Listenback to be heard from any output you currently have assigned as the output for a CueMix bus.

For example, let's say your four Traveler's CueMix busses are assigned to Analog 1-2 (your monitors), Analog 3-4 (performer's headphones), Analog 7-8 (reverb send), and S/PDIF 1-2 (DAT deck), and that Mic 2 will be your talkback mic.

If you want Talkback to be routed to the performer's headphones:

  • In the Configure Talkback/Listenback window, assign Mic / Guitar 2 as the Talkback source, then check the Talkback column for Analog 3-4.
  • Now locate the channel strip for Mic 2. Hold the Option key (Spacebar under Windows) as you click Mic 2's Mute button. This will mute Mic 2 across all CueMix busses, so it is only active when you enable Talkback.
  • Raise the fader for Mic 2 to set the Talkback level.
  • When you engage Talkback, it will patch through Mic 2 to Analog 3-4.

The same process applies when using Listenback.