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What is Latency?

When monitoring a record enabled track, there may be some amount of latency. Latency occurs with any Audio system that utilizes the computer's CPU for its signal processing. This is the small amount of time it takes the card to carry an input, process the information and get it back out to the outputs. This latency can be reduced to a level that is unnoticeable.

In the configure hardware driver you can change the Samples Per Buffer setting allowing you to reduce the latency to where it isn't even noticeable. Approximately 4ms will be the smallest latency. This makes the processor work a little harder. So the number of tracks you are playing back, amount of effects you are running, and what machine you are using, will determine the minimum amount of samples per buffer you can afford to get away with while monitoring a record enabled track.

We also offer Direct Hardware Playthrough. This means we take your input and route it directly to it's corresponding output while allowing you to record. You will not be able to monitor the input through your effects in Direct Hardware Playthrough. In Direct Hardware Playthru you will have little or NO latency regardless of buffer settings (depending on which audio interface you have).