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MOTU Artist Spotlight: Composer Richard Marvin and DP9

Richard Marvin has establish himself as one of the most in-demand composers for TV and film in Hollywood. Richard's career spans many genres, from feature films like U-571 (Matthew McConaughey), The Surrogates (Bruce Willis) and the 3 Ninjas franchise to some of network TV's most popular hit shows, including Grimm (NBC), Six Feet Under (HBO), In Treatment (HBO) and The O.C. (FOX). All told, Richard has composed for over 40 TV shows.

After studying piano, jazz and composition at Indiana University, Richard moved to LA and successfully made the transition from A-list synthesist in the studios around town to a top composer in his own right.

Early on, Richard landed a position working with legendary composer Mike Post on his many TV shows. As he honed his skills and began building a name for himself around Hollywood, Richard became part of a small group of musicians that worked closely with Maurice Jarre on several of his blockbuster films at the time.

Richard's first solo gig as a composer was for director Jonathan Mostow. Since then, his career has taken off, with many movies and TV shows to his credit. In this interview, Richard shares insights into his current workflow, with Digital Performer 9 at the core of his studio.

MOTU Artist Spotlight: Richard Marvin and DP9

Now shipping: Digital Performer 9.01

Today marks the release of Digital Performer 9.01, a free maintenance update with dozens of improvements and enhancements. For further info, refer to the DP 9.01 installer and Read Me PDF.

DP 9.01 highlights include:

  • Improved selection in lanes in the Sequence Editor.
  • Allow MIDI Learn to target mixing board controls.
  • Improved performance when opening the Sequence Editor.
  • Improved saving of VST presets.
  • Addressed an issue where plug-in tails might get clipped when bouncing with iZotope Ozone, UVI Relayer and others.
  • [Mac] Allow MMC via the IAC bus.
  • Changed "Fix partial measures" back to on by default.
  • Show Marker grid lines in the Tracks Overview like other editors.
  • Increased the idle rate of VSTs, which should improve the redraw speed of plug-ins that depend on it, such as Serum.
  • Updated the Japanese documentation, including the User Guide.
  • [Win] Fixed right-clicking in MAS plug-ins.
  • More performance improvements for the Sequence Editor with lots of tracks.
  • Updated to the EuCon 3 SDK.
  • Fixed an issue where not all VST instruments were properly loaded as instruments.
  • Improved zooming across lanes.
  • Added scrolling to change values in MX4.
  • Tweaked contrast and colors in the Nine theme.
  • Disable the buffer size menu during playback.
  • Added the Japanese plug-in guide.
  • MX4 Japanese localization.
  • Plus dozens of other enhancements and fixes...