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Audio Express scores MusicTech Choice Award

In their July 2011 issue, the editors of MusicTech Magazine give the Audio Express 9 out of 10 stars and their MusicTech Choice Award, citing the unit's "excellent sound quality", ease of use, and "very powerful and flexible creation of multiple mixes." While they have a lot of nice things to say about the Audio Express, they sum up by saying, "At its heart this is a very powerful and remarkably polished audio interface that will give you lots of routing options."


Hybrid connectivity

"One of the things the Audio Express can claim that is rather unusual — especially in a portable unit — is hybrid connectivity. There's FireWire 400 (over which the unit can also draw power) and USB 2.0."

Full duplex operation

"All of the physical audio I/O channels are available at the same time and operate independently, so there's no need to choose whether to use it in one mode or another as there is with many other compact units."

Easy front panel operation

"The front panel provides immediate, hands-on access to the volume of any input without you having to go to the computer, and you can control the mix volume independently of an input's trim level...the display gives far more information about what's going on than you would usually find on such a compact device."

Multiple mixes

"You have the option of creating different mixes for different outputs...This is really useful, but usually found only in larger units. In practical situations it makes the Audio Express a very versatile box that punches well above its weight."

Zero-latency monitoring

"We tested this and it worked perfectly, the high-quality preamps offering crystal-clear recording quality all the way up to 96kHz."

The verdict

"The Audio Express is an excellent portable recording solution, with a feature set that you might not expect to find in a device this compact. The audio recording quality is excellent and there's zero-latency monitoring thanks to its onboard mixing features."

MusicTech 9 out of 10 stars

An excellent portable audio interface with some additional pro-level features and intelligent mixing and routing options.