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Classic drum machine sounds for BPM: Beat Box Anthology

BPM has quickly established itself as the ultimate virtual beat box. Now you can add the ultimate library of classic beat box sounds from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Introducing Beat Box Anthology, the latest UVI Soundcard designed specifically for BPM with hundreds of native BPM kits, patterns and loops. Adding Beat Box Anthology to your BPM sound set is like adding dozens of classic drum machines to your studio.

Spanning three decades of formative drum machine evolution, Beat Box Anthology is your one-stop-shopping collection for drum machine sounds and loops, covering each generation of these instruments throughout their glory days. While the devices themselves may have come and gone, legacy classic beat box sounds are still widely used today across many musical styles, including Urban, Hip Hop, Electro House and even Electro Pop.

The evolution of the species

Designed to imitate the sounds of drums and percussion, the first "affordable" drum machines were introduced in the 1960's, and they employed analog synthesis to generate their sound.

In the 1980's, we witnessed a drum machine renaissance featuring the first models with low-resolution digital samples. These classic digital beat boxes quickly found their way into the most successful realms of pop music during that era.

In the 1990's, sound quality improved and feature sets evolved, laying the foundation for the ultimate evolution of this product genre: BPM.

Classics, Analog and Digital

Beat Box Anthology is divided into three categories: Classics, Analog and Digital. In the Classics category you will find the cult machines that are still widely used today, such as the 808 and 909. Anthology's sampling and recording of these instruments is deep and thorough, covering every parameter and setting you can find on these machines. To capture their very essence, the folks at Ultimatesoundbank recorded everything in 24-bit resolution at 96 kHz.

The ultimate beat box library

All Anthology sounds were mastered at Sterling Sound by Chris Gerhinger to match the very high standard set by BPM's own included sounds. The result? Serious "punch" that you won't find anywhere else.

With over 10,000 samples and loops from 80 different drum machines, Beat Box Anthology provides hundreds of native kits and patterns for BPM that serve as a seamless extension of BPM's included library. Regardless of what kind of music you are making, you'll enhance your sound in minutes with the incredible sound of these classic machines.