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DP 7.2 wins Best DAW award for 2011

This past year has been a good one for Digital Performer 7, which delivered an industry-leading combination of workflow enhancements, software design innovations, and bullet-proof performance. The world is taking notice. The editors of Electronic Musician magazine have just given Digital Performer their 2011 Editors' Choice award for Best Digital Audio Workstation Software, concluding that when you add up DP7's significant enhancements, plus "the rock-solid performance of this latest incarnation, you've got yourself a winner."

Combined quality, breadth, and ease of use

As a leading software application in its class, Digital Performer has won numerous Electronic Musician Editors' Choice awards. In the past few years the audio workstation market has grown more crowded than ever with advanced apps like Digital Performer, Pro Tools and Logic going head to head with each other, along with a long list of contenders and newcomers alike, all scrambling to distinguish themselves. So why did Electronic Musician once again recognize DP as the industry leader?

"Digital Performer is a DAW with a long-held reputation for combining quality, breadth of features, and ease of use. In Version 7.2, MOTU concentrated on workflow enhancements that make Digital Performer an even more intuitive and productive work environment. Some of the highlights include the new Themes feature, which lets you choose from a variety of different looks and color schemes. While that might not sound so important, when you consider how long you stare at a DAW every day, choosing a Theme that suits your taste really helps.

"Beyond the cosmetic, V. 7.2 introduced contextual menus that offer relevant data for the specific object you’re working with (for instance, a mixer channel or a track in the Tracks window), eliminating the need to search through the main menus and thus speeding up workflow. Some of the other enhancements include search boxes for the Soundbites and Key Commands windows, saving of plug-in chains from mixer channels, and mini-graphic displays that show up in the Mixer window. When added together with Digital Performer’s legacy features, the amp-and-effects modeling plug-ins added in V. 7, and the rock-solid performance of this latest incarnation, you’ve got yourself a winner."

Why many users prefer DP over Pro Tools, Logic, and other DAWs

Many users have posted comments in strong support of Electronic Musician's recognition of Digital Performer 7. Here are just a few highlights:

"Those of us who have had DP in our bag of tricks for a while know: MOTU has been leading the DAW pack for years in terms of both features and performance...Try it, Logic and ProTools users, you won't believe what you've been missing." — blomuse

"I switched back to DP from Logic with the announcement of 7.2. User experience and GUI are bigger things to some of us than new features we don't need." — machinesworking

"Good call, EM. I use 3 different DAWs regularly (DP, Logic, PT9), but always come back to DP, and now I love how stable it's been for me." — JEL

"DP is the one that still offers more in critical areas like automation, beat mapping, cc data editing/handling, MIDI editing, and audio editing — yes, that's right, DP is better than ProTools in certain aspects of its audio editing features." — CZ101

"Digital Performer 7.2 is a truely fine program — lets all types of musicians produce their music with as much ease as a computer will allow. Glad is got recognized by EM!" — JJHP3



"finally! motu digital performer is finally getting credit for how amazing it is. it's been the secret weapon of tons of composers and producers throughout the years (especially when writing to picture), but it's nice to see the rest of the world starting to take notice of just how rock-solid, flexible, inspiring, and powerful this program is. it lets you work how you want to and lets you customize literally everything - from keyboard shortcuts to window sets. it continues to be the king of midi flexibility and editing, but it's just as adept at any audio task you can throw at it. and motu is constantly adding new features while at the same time, and most importantly for professionals on a deadline, improving its reliability. way to go motu!" — studio_651

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