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MOTU demos from NAMM 2019

Digital Performer 10 deep dive

with David Das

Composer, music producer and songwriter

David Das is a prolific composer, music producer, and songwriter based in Los Angeles. As a long-time Digital Performer expert and beta tester, David shares tips, tricks and insights into the new Digital Performer 10 that you won't want to miss in this playlist of brief videos.

Scoring Family Guy with Digital Performer

with Walter Murphy

Film/TV composer, arranger, pianist, musician, songwriter, and record producer

Composer Walter Murphy shares the process he goes through to score an episode of Family Guy, the hit Fox series Walter has been scoring since the show's very first episode in 1999. Walter uses Digital Performer extensively in his daily workflow, both in the studio and on the sound stage.

MOTU on tour with Roger Waters

with Mike McKnight

Live tour programmer/keyboardist

The Roger Waters "Us and Them" world tour just completed an epic two-year run from 2016 to 2018. Mike McKnight sat beneath the stage, driving every show with his MOTU rig. In this playlist of brief videos, he shares his insights and many years of experience running mega-tours like this one.

Rediscovering Digital Performer's amp sims

with Craig Anderton

Internationally recognized authority on technology and music

In this playlist of brief videos, Craig provides insights, tips and tricks for getting the most out of Digital Performer's modeled guitar effects, including amps, cabinets and stomp boxes. DP's guitar effects modeling is so authentic, Craig refers to DP and "the guitarist's DAW".

Studio album production with DP

with Scott Kinsey

Keyboardist, producer, composer

In this playlist of brief videos, producer and keyboardist extraordinaire Scott Kinsey shares studio album production approaches and techniques using Digital Performer.

Digital Performer 10 had its world debut at NAMM 2019.

Mike McKnight explains how he uses Digital Performer and MOTU audio interfaces on the Roger Waters "Us and Them" tour.