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Now available: wireless control of CueMix from your iPad

Imagine being able to control your mix, wirelessly, from your iPad. If you own a CueMix-equipped MOTU audio interface, that day is here. Now available as a free download, the latest CueMix FX software includes TouchOSC templates for your iPad that give you complete control over the CueMix mixing and effects processing in your MOTU audio interface. Control your mix from anywhere in your home or studio Wi-Fi network. All CueMix-equipped MOTU interfaces are supported, both current and legacy models (see list below).

Wi-Fi control of your MOTU studio mixing is here

The CueMix mixer in your MOTU audio interface can be controlled from an iPad using an iPad app called TouchOSC. From your iPad, you can perform all CueMix mixing functions using the on-screen faders, knobs, and buttons in TouchOSC. Communication is bi-directional, so any changes you make on your computer screen will also be reflected on your iPad.

Mac OS X and Windows 7

iPad control of CueMix FX is supported on both Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista.



The CueMix FX (or CueMix DSP) mixer in your MOTU audio interface hardware is controlled by the CueMix FX software running on your computer. The CueMix FX software is, in turn, controlled by TouchOSC running on your iPad, which communicates wirelessly with your computer.

Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology.

TouchOSC (from is a customizable OSC and MIDI control surface app for the iPad. It is available through the Apple App Store and allows you to control applications on your Mac or PC over Wi-Fi.

MOTU has created custom TouchOSC iPad layouts for controlling CueMix FX. When you load them into TouchOSC, your iPad becomes a customized Wi-Fi control surface for CueMix FX.

Supported MOTU audio interface models

When you purchase a MOTU audio interface, you enjoy lasting performance and value, along with the very latest cutting edge technology. Through software and driver innovations like this, we are often able to extend new technologies to a MOTU audio interface you purchased years ago, to bring extra value to your MOTU investment.

Fortunately, our new CueMix FX Wi-Fi features support new and legacy models alike. Supported MOTU interface models include:

  • Any “mk3” MOTU audio interface
  • Any “mkII” MOTU audio interface (including the 896HD, UltraLite, and Traveler)
  • 4pre
  • Audio Express
  • MicroBook
  • MicroBook II
  • PCI-424 core systems
  • Track16

Download Now

Download the CueMix FX TouchOSC PDF manual