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Soft Sampler of the Year: MachFive 3

Calling it "truly spectacular", and Computer Music have just named MachFive 3 Soft Sampler of the Year for 2012. Why does MachFive 3 come out on top? For starters: "Sounds amazing; performance possibilities through scripting are endless; synth engines broaden sonic range; an excellent sampler; massive, easily accessible library; detailed mixer with plenty of effects." But that's just the beginning.

Much more than just a sampler

MusicRadar is duly impressed with MachFive 3's synthesis engines: "MachFive 3 takes an evolutionary step from mere sampler to something much more complex." Adding, "What makes MachFive 3 more than just a sampler? Its 12 synth engines, that's what...the range of sonic possibilities opened up by this one instrument is truly wondrous to behold."

The last virtual instrument you'll ever need?

"MachFive 3 is advertised as the only software instrument you'll ever need, and there really is no reason why it couldn't be - apart from the general benefits of diversity, of course."

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Best Soft Sampler of the Year