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Touch Console: the best way to mix from your tablet or smartphone

Do you own a MOTU pro audio interface, such as a 1248, 16A, 8M, 112D, 828es, UltraLite-mk4, UltraLite AVB, Monitor-8 or Stage-B16? If so, a free firmware update is now available with numerous workflow enhancements in the web app. The marquis new feature? Touch Console™, a new mixing environment specifically designed for mobile mixing on the touchscreen of your tablet and smartphone.

After you install the firmware update in your interface, simply launch Pro Audio Control as usual. (If you have an 8pre-es, the Touch Console firmware is already installed.) You'll see the familiar Mixing and Aux Mixing tabs, but you'll also see the new Touch Console tab, which simply gives you a touch-friendly view of the same mixer channels and features.

Touch Console delivers large targets for your fingertips and intuitive operation, so you can tweak fast and easily in the heat of the moment while recording, mixing or performing. Tap, swipe and pinch your way to a perfect mix, every time.

Supported interfaces include the 1248, 112D, 16A, 24Ai, 24Ao, 624, 828es, 8A, 8D, 8M, 8pre-es, LP32, M64, Monitor 8, Stage-B16, UltraLite AVB and the UltraLite-mk4.

Touch Console Overview