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Updates for Ethno and eKeys with AAX support

Ethno Instrument 2.0.4 and Electric Keys 1.0.6 are now shipping. These maintenance updates include many enhancements, such as AAX support for Pro Tools 11, and are recommended for all Ethno 2 and Electric Keys users for Mac and Windows.

Both updates also include:

  • Updated support for's latest "Eden" copy protection
  • UVI Engine XT enhancements

These updates are provided free of charge to registered Ethno 2 and Electric Keys owners, who can download the updates now from MOTU's downloads page.

If you would like to upgrade from Ethno Instrument version 1 to version 2, visit MOTU's on-line store.

If you would like to purchase Ethno Instrument 2, click here for information on how to purchase.

If you would like to purchase Electric Keys, click here for information on how to purchase.


Ethno Instrument 2

Ethno Instrument delivers expressive ethnic instrument sounds combined with authentic world music loops and phrases in one window. This massive 21GB library delivers all the exotic textures you need to take your recordings to the four corners of the globe.

Ethno 2 Africa (7/13)

More Ethno 2 demos


Ethno Journey 1 — 100% Ethno Instruments sounds, with heavy, extreme use of Ethno's high-quality time-stretching

Ethno Journey 2 — A nice mix of Caribbean influences, sounds of India, and world voices

Jojo's World — A blend of ethnic musical styles with captivating childen's vocals

Global-Human World — An intriguing modern treatment of Ethno's world-spanning sounds that demonstrates the versatility and releavance of world music

Ethno 2 Video Jukebox — Plays all version 2 videos

UrbanIndia — Get transported from a dusty India village street to a Slumdog Millionaire night club scene

Spain — Flamenco flair spices up this lighthearted siesta

Africa — A tour de force arrangement of exotic African textures

Asia — Traditional Asian string instruments backed by powerful taiko drum loops

India — A great example of Ethno 2's new legato presets

Gong — Raucous and delightful metals sounds from Ethno 2's extensive collection

SnakeCharmer — An evocative India soundscape filled with rich detail and vivid accents

MiddleEast — Prog rock meets the Middle East, as only Jordan could play

Celtic — A lighthearted sampling of ethnic instruments and loops from the British Isles

For complete information, as well as videos and MP3 demos, visit the Ethno web pages.


Electric Keys

Electric Keys puts a slice of music history at your fingertips with the most complete collection ever of classic and vintage electric pianos, clavs, organs, strings machines, tape sampler and other electric keyboard instruments. This massive 40GB sound library of 50 classic, vintage electric keyboard instruments from the last 40 years includes over 20,000 meticulously crafted 24-bit 96 kHz multi-samples of legendary electric pianos, electric organs, clavinets, Wurlitzers, tape samplers, string machines, keyboard basses and other rare and exotic electric keyboard instruments.

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For complete information, as well as videos and MP3 demos, visit the Electric Keys web pages.