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Watch MOTU demos and artist interviews from NAMM 2014

Couldn't make it to the NAMM show last month? Don't worry. You won't miss a thing. Watch these MOTU booth demos for the 828x Thunderbolt audio interface, MachFive version 3.2, new sound libraries for MachFive, and workflow demos for DP8, including music production and CD mastering. Plus MOTU artist interviews from the NAMM show floor.

828x audio interface with Thunderbolt technology

MOTU's Dave Roberts takes you through all the great features in the exciting new 828x interface, complete with a live performance by German a capella supergroup MAYBEBOP.

The 828x audio interface with Thunderbolt technology

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MachFive 3 demos

MachFive 3.2 demonstration

Learn what's new in MachFive 3.2 and hear MachFive's very high quality audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting features.

MachFive 3.2 demonstration

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New sound libraries for MachFive 3

Hear new, highly scripted virtual instruments and sound libraries specifically designed for MachFive 3, including vintage synths from, the beautifully scripted GD-6 acoustic guitar from, the incredibly detailed TrueKeys piano collection from VI Labs, their just-debuted Ravenscroft 34GB piano, the dynamic and expressive Voices of Prague choral libraries from Virharmonic, and the soulful NeoSoul EX5 and Talkbox from Gospel Musicians.

New Sound Libraries for MachFive 3

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Digital Performer demos

New training resources for DP8

For beginners and experts alike, these new training resources will help you get the most out of Digital Performer 8.

New Training Resources for DP8

Music production workflows for DP8

MOTU Product Specialist Dave Roberts shares insights into numerous aspects of music production with Digital Performer.

Music Production Workflows for DP8

Mastering a CD using DP8

MOTU Product Specialist Dave Roberts discusses mastering tools and techniques in Digital Performer 8.

Mastering a CD using DP8

Matthew Pittman
Doug Lebow
Stanley Smith
Laura Escudé (aka Alluxe)