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April 2020 Webinars

Thursday, April 9

Shortcuts to speed up your workflow

  • Work faster with Temporary Groups.
  • Learn the new Memory cycle and Auto Record Strips.
  • Master the selection and memory transport controls.

Friday, April 10

Tuning vocals and instruments in DP10

  • Learn how to use DP’s powerful Pitch Edit layer and related built-in pitch correction features.

Tuesday, April 14

Tools for the Pros

  • What are all those tools are in the Tool palette? Learn the Edit Tools for MIDI and audio tracks.

Thursday, April 16

Capturing and comping your best takes

  • Use loop record to seamlessly lay down multiple takes.
  • Build the perfect performance from multiple takes.
  • Learn how to use DP's powerful Comp Tool.

Friday, April 17

Pristine audio time-stretching

  • Gain insight into to DP10's unique ZTX-driven audio time-stretching features.
  • Make the most out of DP's Beat Detection Engine 2.0.
  • Conform audio to your project timeline.
  • Quantize and groove-quantize audio.

Tuesday, April 21

Introduction to the Clips window

  • Gain insight into the new Clips window.
  • Incorporate Clips into your current workflows.
  • Trigger clips on the fly and record your performance.
  • Convert linear projects into clip-based projects.

Thursday, April 23

Stem Bounce and Project Templates

  • Export stems in one operation.
  • Create templates for songwriting and composing.
  • Add and assign VIs and external MIDI devices.
  • Use Track Layouts and Search for larger templates.

Friday, April 24

Film Scoring 101

  • Explore the many aspects of working with picture.
  • Use Chunks and V-Racks.
  • Import and route video audio.
  • Set up Markers and tempo maps.

Tuesday, April 28

Setting up your mix

  • Learn how to effectively set up and manage your DP projects.
  • Enable AU and VST plugins and VIs.
  • Use mixer inserts, sends, and automation controls.
  • Use Aux tracks, Master Faders, and VCA Tracks.
  • Enable control surfaces.

Thursday, April 30

Deep dive into MIDI editing

  • Edit and quantize notes with associated CC data.
  • Capture musical ideas with retrospective MIDI record.
  • Find and select data quickly with the Quick Filter and Search.
  • Use and MIDI plug-ins in the mixer.