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August 2020 Webinars

Tuesday, August 4th

Film Scoring Tips from Walter Murphy

  • Resolve to and generate MTC and LTC.
  • Know when to use Slave to External Sync.
  • Use the Input Filter from the Setup Menu.
  • Special guest composer Walter Murphy.

Thursday, August 6th

Pitch Editing Vocals and Instruments

  • Set the Track Pitch Mode for best results.
  • Make precise adjustments to pitch segments.
  • Quantize pitch and scale expression.
  • Compare pitch shift types and Pitch Edit Layer types.

Friday, August 7th

Optimizing Your System

  • Configure your hardware setup, clocking, and buffer size.
  • Optimize the Studio Settings for your system.
  • Use Event Chasing to filter data types.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, August 11th

Composing and Orchestration with Guest Ron Jones

  • Create multiple arrangements in a project using chunks.
  • Combine Chunks into a Song.
  • Use Chunks for album projects.
  • Special guest composer and orchestrator Ron Jones.

Thursday, August 13th

Customizing your DP environment

  • Use Track Layouts for scoring projects.
  • Save time with Mixing Board layouts.
  • Customize your studio bundles.
  • Apply Themes, colors, and Window Sets.

Friday, August 14th

Top 10 Digital Performer Plug-ins

  • ProVerb: DP’s convolution reverb.
  • DP’s best EQs and compressors.
  • Fuel your inspiration with "creative" plug-ins.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, August 18th

Vienna Ensemble Pro Overview with guest Steve Steele

  • Enable MAS, AU, and VST plug-ins in DP.
  • Set up and use Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) with DP.
  • Deploy VEP efficiently on one or more computers.
  • Special guest Steve Steele

Thursday, August 20th

Routing Computer Audio

  • Route audio with your MOTU Pro Audio interface.
  • Use Loopback with the MOTU M2 and M4.
  • Employ Rogue Amoeba's Loopback app.
  • Route stereo audio streams into Zoom.

Friday, August 21st

Revisiting Continuous Controllers

  • Overdub record and reassign MIDI controller data.
  • Switch controller views in the MIDI and Sequence Editors.
  • Record and view Key Switch data.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, August 25th

Video Game Composing with Guest Garry Schyman

  • Review DP Project Folder content.
  • Back up your work with AutoSave and other techniques.
  • Gain insight into the unique scoring challenges for video games.
  • Special guest composer Garry Schyman.

Thursday, August 27th

What’s New in DP10

  • Transform how you use DP with Clips.
  • Find assets quickly with the new Content Browser.
  • Conform audio like never before with the Stretch Layer.
  • Work faster with the Alternate Tool and Absolute grid.

Friday, August 28th

Dive into ten more DP10 Plug-ins

  • Ensemble Chorus: DP’s powerful chorus plugin.
  • DP’s unique distortion and modulation plugins.
  • Fuel your inspiration with "creative" plug-ins.
  • Extended Q&A.