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July 2020 Webinars

Thursday, July 2nd

Intro to Sound Design

  • Create original sounds for scores.
  • Use sampling and synthesis for sound design.
  • Apply DSP, time-stretching, and pitch-shifting.
  • Archive material and presets for future use.

Friday, July 3rd

No webinar in observance of the July 4th holiday

Tuesday, July 7th

Electronic scores with Greg Tripi

  • Use multiple controllers with DP.
  • Review VIs with specific iPad applications.
  • Intro to Keyboard Maestro™ for additional control.
  • Special guest composer Greg Tripi.

Thursday, July 9th

Intro to audio post

  • Mix music with dialog and sound FX.
  • Review reference levels for deliverables.
  • Set up surround channels for mixing.
  • Bounce stereo and surround mixes.

Friday, July 10th

Setting up a tracking session

  • Configure hardware for low latency.
  • Route the click, inputs, and playback.
  • Insert additional bars and set up FX.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, July 14th

Dialing in the perfect guitar tone with Carl Rydlund

  • Overview of DP's guitar amp sims.
  • Build tones with DP's stomp box plug-ins.
  • Create and manage FX chains.
  • Special guest: session guitarist Carl Rydlund.

Thursday, July 16th

Live in Concert with Mike McKnight

  • See how DP is used for major tour playback
  • Review Chunks, timecode, and start times.
  • Set up switchers and redundant systems.
  • Special guest Mike McKnight.

Friday, July 17th

Aligning imported audio with the timeline

  • Review Adjust Beats feature.
  • See the Record Beats feature in action.
  • Use ZTX to conform audio to the timeline.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, July 21st

MIDI Editing Techniques

  • Create and import custom metronome sounds.
  • Loop-record MIDI with Overdub mode.
  • Enter notes one at a time with Step Record.
  • MIDI Editor deep dive.

Thursday, July 23rd

Film Scoring Tips from Dennis McCarthy

  • Apply Scale Time to audio and MIDI.
  • Use Scale Tempos to dial in your timeline.
  • Learn how to modify the Conductor Track.
  • Special guest composer Dennis McCarthy.

Friday, July 24th

Time-saving Tips and Techniques

  • Deep dive into Track Groups.
  • Use the Alternate Tool for quick tool access.
  • Access the Run Command and many shortcuts.
  • Extended Q&A.

Tuesday, July 28th

Refining Arrangements with Guest Artie Butler

  • Set up flexible song templates.
  • Create count-in and cue clicks.
  • Use markers for song arrangements.
  • Special guest composer and arranger Artie Butler.

Thursday, July 30th

Get into the Groove with the Clips Window

  • Create Clips based on recorded and imported material.
  • Spontaneously trigger Clips and Scenes.
  • Generate creative phrases and arrangements on the fly.
  • Cue and capture Clips and FX for playback.

Friday, July 31st

Precision Audio Editing

  • Take on even the most challenging edits .
  • Splice takes together manually.
  • Use the Comp Tool to edit multiple takes.
  • Extended Q&A.