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June 2020 Webinars

Wednesday, June 3

Sync, MIDI CCs, and Consoles

  • Explore the use of Custom Consoles with Glenn Workman.
  • Discuss importing/exporting Standard MIDI Files.
  • Learn how to transmit and receive sync from DP.
  • Learn how to create, assign, and change Continuous Controllers.

Thursday, June 4

Sound off on Soundbites

  • Get a tour of DP’s Soundbites Window.
  • Explore various types of audio conversions.
  • Learn about Reload and Replace Soundbite.
  • Discuss destructive editing and non-destructive editing.

Friday, June 5

Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

  • Get an overview of the Consolidated Window.
  • Review Information Bar setup for edit window.
  • Discuss the Undo History and Compact Project windows.
  • Extended Q&A session.

Tuesday, June 9

Fades, Offline FX, and Smooth Audio Edits

  • Explore the different types of audio fades in DP10.
  • Learn about applying offline audio FX.
  • Learn about Smooth Audio Edits feature.
  • Review OMF and AAF basics.

Thursday, June 11

Edit Menu Deep Dive

  • Learn about Merge, Merge Repeat, and Paste Repeat.
  • Review Snip, Splice, and Trim for MIDI and audio.
  • Review Layers, Split at counter, and Heal Separation.
  • Explore Global, Project, and Start-up Clippings.

Friday, June 12

Vocal Tracking and Mixing

  • Learn about DP’s Audio Patch Thru modes.
  • Explore DP Plug-in FX chains for vocal mixing.
  • See how VocAlign from Synchro Arts works with DP.
  • Extended Q&A session.

Tuesday, June 16th

Dialing in the Perfect Template

  • Review Chunks, V-Racks and Templates.
  • Learn how to set annotations for MIDI tracks.
  • Review Cursor, Event, Selection and Snap shortcuts.
  • Discover the modular template (special guest Steve Steele).

Thursday, June 18th

Delivering Better Tracks

  • Discuss best practices for deliverables.
  • Avoid production pitfalls.
  • Review gain staging for optimum sonic resolution.
  • Learn advanced mixing techniques.

Friday, June 19th

Session Views, Tips and Tricks

  • Create and save DP zoom settings.
  • Use “Save Times” for Memory and Selection.
  • Use the Marker and Sequence Menus (Tracks Window).
  • Get answers during an extended Q&A session.

Tuesday, June 23rd

Insights from a Professional Composer

  • Review use of Clips in tracks.
  • Learn about the Legend window.
  • Discuss strategies for hosting VIs inside and outside of DP.
  • Get film scoring insights from special guest Rick Marvin.

Thursday, June 25th

Mastering in DP

  • Arrange your project for mastering in-the-box.
  • Discuss MOTU and 3rd-Party plug-ins for mastering.
  • Learn mastering with multiple tracks (versus a single track).
  • Discuss Dither and conversion options for digital distribution.

Friday, June 26th

Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks

  • See how to use multiple audio and MIDI devices at the same time.
  • Learn how to use the DP Trigger plug-in.
  • Review Bundles for hardware I/O, Busses and VIs.
  • Get answers during an extended Q&A session.

Tuesday, June 30th

Producing the classics with special guest John Boylan

  • Conform the timeline to imported audio.
  • Sweeten imported audio material.
  • Create alternate mixes.
  • Interview with veteran producer John Boylan.