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May 2020 Webinars

Friday, May 1

Plug-in Primer

  • Get an overview of DP's included audio plug-ins.
  • ProVerb convolution reverb.
  • The MasterWorks series.
  • Utility and Mastering plug-ins.
  • Creative modulation and filter FX.

Webinar Extras

  • Click here to download additional impulse responses.  To use, drag the file of choice into the waveform display in the middle of the Proverb window.  Please read the information on the webpage first to avoid downloading unnecessary files.

Tuesday, May 5

Transcending the Timeline

  • Conform the timeline to freely recorded tracks.
  • Learn Adjust Beats for aligning to the grid.
  • Beat-match across audio tracks.
  • Master beat map editing.

Thursday, May 7

ZTX Time-stretching and Pitch-shifting

  • Perform pitch correction in the Pitch Edit Layer.
  • Transpose audio and MIDI data in one operation.
  • Explore the many ways to time-stretch audio.
  • Gain insight into the "Good, Better, Best" settings.

Friday, May 8

Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

  • Work faster with Temporary Groups.
  • Learn the new Memory cycle and Auto Record Strips.
  • Master the selection and memory transport controls.
  • Extended Q&A session.

Tuesday, May 12

Virtual Instrument Deep Dive

  • Learn UVI Workstation and the MOTU Instruments Soundbank.
  • Explore MX4, Ethno, and other MOTU instruments.
  • Learn best practices for CPU efficiency.
  • Get a Vienna Ensemble Pro primer.

Thursday, May 14

Film Scoring Revisited

  • Use Chunks and V-Racks.
  • Set Chunk and video start times.
  • Import and route movie audio channels.
  • Set up Markers and calculate tempo maps.

Friday, May 15

Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

  • Use Smooth Audio Edits to save time.
  • Master the Commands window.
  • Color-coding your sessions.
  • Extended Q&A session.

Tuesday, May 19

QuickScribe Overview

  • View and edit MIDI notes as musical notation.
  • Learn how to add text, chord symbols, and lyrics.
  • Review exporting XML files.
  • Special guest: songwriter/composer Marc Mann.

Thursday, May 21

Advanced MIDI Editing

  • Learn how to use the Edit Menu > Search feature.
  • Learn how to create and use MIDI Device Groups.
  • Explore transpose maps and custom scales.
  • Use Project Notes for session info.

Webinar Extras

  • Click here to download the project file containing custom transpose maps (requires DP 10.1 or higher to open).  With the project open, navigate to the Region Transpose window to experiment with some of the custom maps created and used during the demonstration.  Any that you find useful can be saved from the window's mini-menu in the top right corner.  Saved maps will then appear at the bottom of that mini-menu to be used in any open project.
  • This webinar featured some interesting ways to use the Search window.  The settings used during the webinar are available here for download.  To use, download and unzip the file, and install as follows:
    • Mac: Click the Go menu in Finder, hold down the Option key, and choose Library.  Navigate to Preferences/com.motu.DigitalPerformer, and place the unzipped file in this location.
    • Windows: Navigate to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\MOTU, and place the unzipped file in this location.

Friday, May 22

Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

  • Dive into bussing for VI's and FX.
  • Explore the use of Master faders.
  • Review the Freeze Tracks command.
  • Extended Q&A session.

Tuesday, May 26

MIDI Control for the Pros

  • Review DP’s MIDI Learn feature.
  • Learn about Metagrid from MetaSystem.
  • Special guest: Giovanni Rotondo, creator of Composer Bridge.
  • Composer Bridge overview featuring Lemur, MIDI, and OSC.

Thursday, May 28

Drum Editor and Drum Editing

  • Program drum parts with ease.
  • Explore its use for other tonal instruments.
  • Review MIDI drag and drop from virtual instruments.
  • Create drum loops from live audio recordings.

Friday, May 29

Shortcuts, Tips and Smooth Edits

  • Advanced audio editing tutorial.
  • Using trim, splice, and snip across multiple tracks.
  • Explore timestamps and Sync Points.
  • Extended Q&A session.